Insights From a Professional Plumber

You Need to Know These About Your Plumbing System!

Plumbing systems operate primarily out of sight from the human eye, and we have a tendency to forget about things we can’t see. Your plumbing is susceptible to wear and tear, though, just like everything else. The best way to prevent a catastrophe or the need to call a plumber is to have a solid understanding of common plumbing issues and their fixes.

Here are some crucial plumbing hints that every homeowner should know:

Get to Know Your Water Main

The first point of entry for water into your house is the water main. Usually, it’s located near the water heater in the basement. Located on the water main is a shutoff valve (either a lever or wheel). When you close this valve, the water supply to your house will be completely cut off.

Learn How to Deal with Clogged Drains

You will eventually experience a clogged drain. Our hair sheds during showers and accumulates over time. Using one of those liquid drain cleaners might be your first response when faced with a clog. Big error. Yes, avoid using liquid drain cleaners at all costs. It might seem like a simple solution to a bothersome issue. However, the chemicals in drain cleaning liquids and other products of a similar nature can damage your plumbing system.

Keep Tabs on Water Pressure

It is a crucial component of a sound plumbing system. You should check the water pressure in your home as frequently as you can, just like we have our blood pressure taken every time we go to the doctor. A basic pressure gauge is fairly inexpensive and available at any hardware or home improvement store.

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