Plumber Points Out the Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Facts About Tankless Water Heaters

There are good reasons why tankless water heaters have gained popularity recently. However, there are some drawbacks to these systems. Before hiring a plumber, read on to learn about the system’s advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages

  • On-Demand Heating. The fact that this system heats water on demand is its selling point. Before heating water, tankless water heaters do not actually need to store it. It has pressure sensors that turn on the heating coils as you use them, allowing it to heat the water whenever you need it.
  • Energy Efficiency. This system saves energy by not having to keep heating the stored water because it heats water on demand. You will indeed be able to save a lot of money on your electricity bills over the system’s lifespan.
  • Compared to conventional water heaters, their size is relatively small. You can install it wherever you want in the house, and it saves space. It can be close to the kitchen or bathrooms to make it easier to heat water faster and more effectively.

The Disadvantages

  • Higher Initial Costs. Even though this system saves a lot of money on energy use, it costs more to buy and install. The installation of high-end tankless models requires the expertise of a professional. Its purchase price is twice as much as that of conventional water heaters.
  • Problems with Installation. Because this is a new technology, installing it might also necessitate updating your entire plumbing system. It might require brand-new fittings, pipes, vents, and pressure regulators.
  • Not-so-instant Water Heating. This system’s on-demand water heating is influenced by a number of variables. The time it takes for the water to get hot and ready for use will depend on the kind of tankless water heater and how far away the faucet is from the heater.

Tankless water heaters have advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting one, it is best to comprehend both for an informed decision. In the Cary, NC region, contact Metro Rooter Plumbing Cary for assistance from a seasoned plumber. Call us at (919) 244-5638.

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