How the Toilet Works When You Flush It?

What Toilet Problems May Provoke You to Call a Plumbing Service Provider

Having a well functioning toilet at your home nowadays is not very common. In order to help you understand what may be causing you trouble, the plumbing service specialists of Metro Rooter Plumbing Cary will tell you what happens when you flush a standard toilet. They will also tell you how some of its components work.

Bowl Siphon

Despite having no moving parts, the toilet bowl features a highly functioning design. The most crucial piece of the toilet is what is molded into the bowl, known as the bowl siphon. The bowl is attached to a pipe with an U-bend that leads into a sewer system. As water and waste leave the bowl on flush, air rushes in causing the “flush” sound. The air which comes into the bowl stops the siphoning process. After that the bowl is filled again with water from the tank above.

Toilet Tank

The upper part of the toilet is where the tank is located. It normally holds about 2 gallons of clean water. What’s more important is that the tank can send the water fast enough into the bowl to activate the siphon effect and send waste and water down the pipe. When you push the handle down, the tank system is activated, causing water to dump into the bowl in less than 3 seconds, triggering the flush. The same effect can be activated by the siphon alone, as long as you pour enough water quickly into the bowl.

If either your toilet bowl siphon or tank is not working properly, you will have a problem to deal with. The easiest and fastest problem solution will be to call a plumbing service specialist and ask for some expert advice and repair. If you are located within Cary, NC, you can always trust in our team of plumbers to help you fix a leak or a toilet issue. In order to check our special offers and book an appointment with us, you have to call us at (919) 244-5638

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