Tips to Help You Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems – Part 2

How to Be Sure That you Really Need to Book a Plumbing Repair Service

Last week, we have posted a few tips on how to inspect different spots around your home for leaks and detect whether there are any major problems to indicate that you may need to book a plumbing repair service. Today, we will continue this topic by listing a few more steps that you need to take. We hope that you find our advice useful to easily discover a plumbing problem the next time you have one!

  • Inspect the spaces under your bathroom sink or vanity. If you detect drips there, then you’d better act immediately to get them fixed. In order to easily follow the path of exposed pipes, you can use a small flashlight. In order to make sure that you really have a problem, you’d better run your fingertips along the pipes which you are inspecting to feel for wetness.
  • Listen for any noises coming out of your bathroom. If they are not running at their usual interval when no one has recently flushed them, you may have a problem! Whenever you have a seal leak problem with your toilet, you will experience some problems with the tank. Most probably it will drain slowly over a period of time and won’t stop before the level of the water drops enough to allow the float valve to open and replenish it. Leaking seals and sticking flush valves in toilets can waste a significant amount of water and increase your utility bills tremendously.
  • Another common problem that may need the attention of a plumbing repair service provider is slow sink or tub drains. If you have this problem, then something must not be functioning properly. There may be water backing up in your tub, sink, and along floors and walls containing drain pipes.

These problems are a serious business. If you want to get rid of them, make sure that the specialists you hire are licensed and insured. Metro Rooter Plumbing Cary may be the plumber that you need to work with. Call our experts in Cary, NC now at (919) 244-5638, and we will tell you more about the types of repair services that we can provide you with, as well as their prices!

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